when the next step is asking for help

If you’re like most of us who come to therapy, you’ve already tried everything, and you’re hoping this “last chance” will make the difference. You’ve come to the end of your rope, and you’re afraid that even therapy won’t work. I know - I’ve been there.

Perhaps the source of your pain is a relationship with a family member, partner, or spouse. Or, perhaps it’s long-standing depression or anxiety. Maybe you’ve been grappling with an addiction that’s truly ruining your life. Or, perhaps you’ve recently lost a loved one, and just taking the next step forward seems impossible.

You may be someone recovering from an addiction - you’ve reclaimed your life and have made great progress - but now anxiety, self-doubt or unresolved childhood wounds are preventing you from realizing some basic life goals.

You deserve help, and you deserve to be happy. I want you to know that help is available for you, no matter what the issue or experience. Wherever you are on your path of growth or recovery, I will meet you there with compassion and walk with you while you take those next important steps toward freedom, peace of mind, and realization of the life you deserve to have.

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I hope you’ll decide to take that next step today. . . . I’ll be glad to hear from you!


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